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Live Concerts From a Wing of a Jetliner Home.

Engaging music and events rendered from a wing of a scintillating aerospace home.  日本語

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All Guests:  Be certain to read and agree to "Guest Information and Requirements" below.

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2023 Events: 

●  Hopefully in September:  Another beautiful Vocal Curves performance by Songstress Irina Myachkin.  Sample her wonder here.

A decision for Irina's concert will be made in about late August, with a very roughly 50% chance it will occur if weather trends seem suitable.  (A delayed decision is necessary due to unusual scheduling complexities and weather risks.)  Updates will be provided here as they become available.

If questions, concerns, or suggestions arise please email .

●  If any additional 2023 events develop they'll be announced above in event date order as soon as each is confirmed.

Weather:  Possibly chilly.

From Spring through Fall conditions are occasionally quite chilly in the early to late evenings or even afternoons.  Please dress as recommended in notes two and three below and be prepared for chilly conditions due to my dense forest environment.

Guest Information and Requirements

(Updated 22 August 2022.)

1.  All guests must carefully review and agree to all the safety, legal, logistics, and other information on the visitor's information page prior to arrival.  Children must be managed accordingly at all times.

2.  This is both a highly informal rural forest setting and a long term construction site.  Please wear practical country clothing.  Athletic shoes such as tennis or running shoes are best for outdoor footwear.  All guests must remove their outdoor shoes as they step onto my air stairs to enter my aircraft.  Slippers or booties are required and are provided at the entry door.

3.  My aircraft is heavily shaded by surrounding forest so it's often quite chilly or cold inside, but can also become hot during sunny periods.  So I recommend layered clothing to provide much more warmth than you expect will be necessary but with the option of removing layers so you can adjust to your ideal comfort level.

4.  Artists normally perform on my right wing but if conditions are cold or damp my aircraft's cabin might be utilized instead.  For wing events guests may enjoy the performances in the grassy area in front of the wing but adjacent forest areas are available too.  Outdoor chairs are not provided and only about 22 indoor seats are available so you might wish to take portable chairs for sitting or blankets for picnic style lounging on the grass or similar.  To enhance safety guests won't normally be allowed on either wing nor in certain other areas.

5.  Food and drink is usually available for purchase during major events but not provided during small events.  In either case guests may take and consume food or drink if doing so doesn't unreasonably disturb other guests.  Alcohol consumption must be carefully limited to insure sufficient sobriety for full safety and civility at all times.

6.  Cigarette smoking is not allowed anywhere on my grounds due to forest fire danger and for the health and comfort of other guests.  Guests who smoke will be directed to cease and might be expelled from the event sans any compensation.

7.  E-Cigarette use (vaping) is allowed outside my aircraft but please be respectful of the health and comfort of other guests.  If a serious annoyance arises the guest responsible might be directed to cease use.  E-Cigarette use is not allowed inside my aircraft.

8.  Limited forest area parking is available on my site for most events.  Vehicle shuttles from Hillsboro might also be provided for some events.  Please use your smallest available vehicle as space and maneuvering room is modest.  Vehicles with low ground clearance aren't suitable and may be unable to access parking areas.  Vehicles are usually guided by event staff or signs to a parking location.

9.  Please arrive early, especially when conditions are wet.  Delays due to parking or shuttle logistics might arise.

10.  For indoor events guests might be asked to listen to an emergency exit tutorial, and might be asked to participate in an emergency exit practice exercise.  Wing exits require some physical fitness to manage.

11.  All personal devices must be set to quiet mode during small or intimate performances.  If a phone conversation is necessary please move well away from audience areas before starting your conversation.

12.  Please don't treat the safety warnings lightly.  They're not simply an exercise in legal posturing - serious dangers really exist here.  Enjoy yourselves but remain fully vigilant and safely sober at all times.

13.  Please contact me or the event producers if you're interested in supporting these events.

14.  These events may be publicized on other sites or in alternate media so long as reasonable accuracy is maintained, or the primary event information site is clearly shown so people will know where to find full information, and my media publication terms are honored.

Event Location

Artists:  Contact or MurderBoat Productions.

Some previous performance history:

●  Completed on 20 August 2023:  Ian MaksinIt was a solid three hours of rich, beautiful, boundary breaking, imaginative, and refined cello performances, a mesmerizing treat with wonderful Slavic charm and energy!

●  Completed on 13 August 2023:  Prepare for Crash Landing.   Rock & Roll by Interro Music!  A large event with energetic and engaging bands, lively dancing crowds, and a lot of party class heart pumping fun with happy faces.  And campers pitched their tents for overnight stays on my grounds the nights of 11 or 12 August.  It was a hoot!

●  Completed on 15 July 2023, 18:00 through 23:30:  Red Sea:  Rock the Wing.  From Seattle, high quality Rock Fusion!  A mid sized event with quality performances and charming Slavic flair.  It was a thrilling immersion in superb quality music and thoroughly warm social appeal!

●  Completed on 26 August 2022:   A second remarkably beautiful performance by Vocal Curves by Irina Myachkin with occasional accompaniment by also scintillating Rita.  Just like last year, the artistry was heart moving, highly refined, and utterly charming throughout, and I feel honored and fortunate to have hosted the event.  Wow...

●  Completed on 27 August 2022:   Interro Music.  Rock & Roll!  A mid sized event with energetic and engaging bands, lively dancing crowds, and a lot of party class heart pumping fun with happy faces everywhere.  Life just isn't complete without the beat of good old time rock and roll!

●  Completed on 27 August 2021.   A superb artistic performance - heart moving, highly refined, and utterly charming by Irina of Vocal Curves with occasional accompaniment by also scintillating Rita.  A profound treat which I'll remember very fondly forever.  In my view Irina and Rita are not to be missed should they grace my humble stage again.

●  Completed on 5 September 2021:  Another very smooth and refreshing A Portlandia Brass GroupMuse picnic:  "A Blast of Fresh Air"  Many thanks to Portlandia Brass and all our very charming guests!

●  A large Turbulence and Mystic Woods event isn't currently planned for 2022.  Options might be considered - for example please email if interested in a much more humble but rather similar earthy style event such as Cosmos Airlines.

Turbulence and Mystic Woods:  DJs on a wing dance party, Mystic Woods multifaceted forest entertainment and lounging, extra performances, jetliner home tours, and more.

2019 Turbulence Party:  Click to go to a video

2018 Turbulence Party:  Click to go to images

Some additional previous performance history.

Information updated without notice.  Please monitor this site for the latest information.

Yuko Pomily:   Uniquely superb original music by a truly remarkable young composer and performer.   Purchase her magic.

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